Our this years holiday took place in Greece. We visited the Island Kos.

During our research for destinations Kos was not on the list. But it became after we did extreme Last minute booking. So we booked the trip on Friday night. Departure was scheduled on Saturday morning.

But everything went well. We had a great hotel (Iberostar Astir Odysseus). From east to west its just a 22 miles drive. From north to south its just a 4 miles drive. So very easy to explore. We rent a "quad" which was the best choice. Everywhere you find tiny little villages with excellent cheap restaurants. The complete Island just has one fast food restaurant. So be ready for fresh and delicious food.

HSD_20090924_941- HSD_20090923_902- HSD_20090922_848-


On Kos itself and on all the Islands around there is so much to explore. I call it "History to touch". You can find ruins everywhere. And nowhere you will be charged to visit it. But sometimes you have to be a hill climber to reach it. :-) . Once you have left the streets you will find such a beautiful landscape. Try it. You can´t get lost.

HSD_20090924_955- HSD_20090924_974-

Please have a look on a few of my pictures. Its not all but it will give you a great overview. :-)