After a 12 hours flight you don´t even want to think about another movie or playing another game on this small screen. The only thing you are thinking of is getting out of this plain and away from this fat man next to you.

In Feb 2010 I arrived a little bit tired at LAX international Airpot. After doing all the paper, fingerprint, pictures and drug test stuff I reached the streets of L.A. at 5:30 pm (2:30am German time).

One of the things I love in the USA is the "surprise package" at Thrifty car rental. You get it for the cheapest rate available. There fore you have to take any car which is currently available.

Ok what shall I say? I love this package.


Considering that we had 20 degrees in Germany I really looked forward to a great dinner at downtown L.A. that night. 14 miles seemed not that big distance from the Airport to my Hotel.

But hey, what ever you guys in L.A. are doing there for getting the traffic problem solved, please hurry. I could not  believe it. It took me 1,5 hours to reach my hotel. So I switched my plans and enjoyed a burger in the restaurant right across the street.

At 8 pm (5am Germany) I decided to quite for the day. Unfortunately my body did not. At 8 am (German time) I was ready to start the day. It became an awful night with 40 minutes sleeping and 1 hour reading and again 40 minutes sleeping till dusk.

Now I know why my boss agreed to travel two days in advance. (Thank you!)

Even after the worst night I wanted to see at least a few sights.

losangeles _6 losangeles _2
losangeles _4 losangeles _43
losangeles _10 losangeles _9

Everything seems to be different in Los Angeles. Even the sales man are doing a lot to be prepared signing their first actor contract. I guess this is something you must do if you want to life there. Be better, bigger and fancier than all the others 24/7.

losangeles _5 losangeles _12

Salesman at Hardrock Cafe

Los Angeles

Salesman at


I never realized that "Bubba Gump" is a real company. I thought its just a story out of the Forrest Gump Movie. But now I know it better. At the Santa Monica pier the most farthest away point from Germany I have ever been in my life. I really enjoyed staying her above the pacific.

losangeles _13 losangeles _14
losangeles _15 losangeles _16
losangeles _18 losangeles _19
losangeles _17

To make sure that you also see me at the PMA please have a look on the pictures below. It was more business than sight seeing. But of course nobody wants to see a hall of booths here.

losangeles _20
The Convention Center in Anaheim.
losangeles _42 losangeles _41
Nikon booth at PMA My office after a hard working day.

After all this mass of discussions and meetings I enjoyed a day off to prepare my flight back home. Of course taking advantage of seeing more sights.N

losangeles _47 losangeles _48
Me at Warner Bros Nothing seems as it is.
losangeles _49 losangeles _50
Do you remember Batman and Robin? Yes I was in the studio. But no photos allowed!
losangeles _51 losangeles _52
losangeles _54 losangeles _53
Highlights of Warner Studios... ....Batman and Matrix. I also have seen the Batman suit. But again no photos allowed!
losangeles _55 losangeles _56
F.R.I.E. N.D.S

On my trip I tried to see as much as possible. L.A in 48 hours so to say.  As a result you now can see a mass of pictures. Lay back and enjoy pictures from the New Years day in China town, regular street live and of course the sights of Hollywood and Santa Monica.


Always remember. I´ll be back!    (click on the pictures below to enlarge them)