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When you are online almost 24/7 or if you almost feel being in the internet like being at home it might happen that you start with webdesign. At the beginning I used to focus only on online Marketing like Display advertising as well as articles or contests.

But working in the internet is like playing with Lego Tec. You always try new stuff, new designs and new ways to make your site more efficient. Finally you also end up designing Homepages.

Below I will show you three pages I´m very proud off. Please feel free to look on them. If you have an issue with the German grammar, just open them in Google. You than will see them translated. One reason why I´m proud about this websites is that they all work and all of them are connected with all social networking websites without showing it. So once the admin makes an entry on the page he also publishes them in Twitter, Facebook, Xing, Linkedin an many more. That´s the stuff I love. Enjoy- Have fun!

drkdoeggingen Deutsches Rotes Kreuz
gauchenzunftdoeggingen Gauchenzunft Döggingen
panoramalaufdoeggingen Panoramalauf Döggingen

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