In September 2010 finally the first time since month my schedule did match with the good weather. Even if the canyon is right behind my door, I still wait until the weather conditions are good. With all my colleagues from the Nikonians team we did start at the Schattenmühle in Reiselfingen.

From there the trail went through a beautiful landscape. Full of rough walls, green valleys and strange wooden bridges. After 5 hours we finally reached the Gauchachschlucht. There the last hour of the trip did start. I wont tell you that much today. Only two things. If you have any question regarding this trip, please feel free to use the contact form. And if you are looking for a recommendation please fee free to contact Gasthaus Kuhstall, in Döggingen. They serve beautiful meals. Enjoy the pictures!

Einige Bilder aus dem Jahre 2009 gibt es in der Galerie über Döggingen.

z.B. dieses hier: