Thanks to a friend coming from the USA I got the opportunity to visit my favorite mountain in the Alps. Instead of recent visits we have been very lucky with the weather. Just watch the pictures. I guess no more explanations are necessary.

Here some basic information about the trip.

  • Walk up to Douglashütte: 1:00 h
  • Walk up to Totalphütte: 1:30 h
  • Walk up to Schesaplana: 1:50 h
  • Walk down to Totalphütte: 1:15 h
  • Walk down to Douglashütte: 1:00 h
  • Walk down to the final station: 0:30 h

All pictures in this gallery have been taken by my friend Mike Hagen from Seatle, Washington, USA. You can contact him via the Nikoniansacademy.