We started at 7 am on September 12th. Destination of todays trip was the Brandnervalley in Austria.

There was a lot of sun when we started at valley station Lünerseebahn. We walked the "Bösen Tritt" (Bad walk) to reach the montain station.

HSD_20090912_418- HSD_20090912_424-

After lunch at the Douglashütte, we could enjoy the beautiful view over Lünsersee. Than the todays destination wanted to be reached. The Totalphütte was supposed to be our hotel for the next night.

HSD_20090912_427- HSD_20090912_431- HSD_20090912_434-

It was a beautiful evening in the mountains. We enjoyed sitting together, playing games and listen to other people stories. It´s something you will never find anywhere else except the Alps.

Next morning the rain was the first who started to make this day.

HSD_20090913_443- HSD_20090913_445-


After the first 200 yards up in the mountain you couldn´t see our hotel anymore (take a look on the picture).

Here it is how it should look like on a sunny day :-)



Even if the way was foggy it was a very nice walk. We reached our target peak Schesaplana (9826,115 feet). It still was foggy. But it was a great experience. In the gallery below you will see a few more pictures showing the view from the to of the "Montafon Alps".


Even with snow the walk down was a great experience.

HSD_20090913_462- HSD_20090913_463-

But the destiny came real quick. A few minutes after we reached our starting point the sun came through. I was astonished after I realized that right in this moment there was sun and a beautifull view just 3000 feet above us. The place where we watched the fight snow against fog just a few hours ago.

Another reason to come there again.


Even if the weekend was not as expected we had a lot of funn.

We´ll be back!

Here some more pictures.